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Technology as an enabler in the social sector

Deccan ChronicleFeb 08 2019

There are hundreds of NGOs in India that are striving to make a measurable impact for the greater good. But running an NGO comes with a number of challenges - of which raising funds is a major one. Technology-based platforms enable even small sums to be donated to NGOs via online payments from anywhere in the world, thus encouraging people who can afford various amounts to donate, even in different currencies. Read more

Union Budget 2019: Reactions From Industry Experts

Business WorldFeb 08 2019

The budget 2019, though interim, is very positive from a social sector perspective. The individual tax has been relaxed and the tax ceiling raised. Indians will have more money to donate & support social causes. Vision 2030 mentions clean rivers, coastlines and health as priorities which is welcome. Incentives to support social workers in these areas by offering tax benefits for CSR targeted this area or PPP scheme will have been more impactful. Read more

Looking for a CSR Project to Invest In? These Platforms May Help You Find One

Data QuestFeb 06 2019

CSR projects are important as success of large organizations today goes way beyond the products and services they provide and also encompasses what they stand for and the values their brand reflects As the current fiscal year (FY 2018-19) is coming to an end, corporates across the country are striving to invest in strategic CSR projects that bring about a change and add meaningful value to their brands. Read more

SociallyGood: One platform, countless impacts.

Startups IndiaJul 20 2018

Non-profits face challenges on many fronts. Fundraising and donations get constrained by physical distances and reach. Managing donations from individuals, corporate companies, governments, and foundations require significant investment in teams and volunteers. Many non-profits with great missions may find it difficult to sustain and grow their operations. High overheads of on ground teams and volunteers make it unviable for them to collect small donations. Read more