SociallyGood is a digital marketplace for social change. It brings together nonprofits, donors, volunteers, and corporates (CSR) on the same platform.

SociallyGood can be contacted through the Contact Us page. We promise to get back as soon as possible.

At SociallyGood, we take security and user's privacy very seriously. Industry standard best practices for security are followed, and user data is fully encrypted in transit. We do not share any of your information with 3rd parties and regularly test our systems for compliance.

Yes, you will need to create a SociallyGood account to donate to a campaign.

SociallGood donations using credit, debit, netbanking and other forms through secure payment gateways. Donors can useRupay, Visa, Mastercard or American Express cards.

Once the payment is received, you will receive an invoice of the payment you made with details of the recipient. You will also receive an acknowledgment mail from the nonprofit directly

SociallyGood uses partner payment gateways that support international donations, provided nonprofit of your choice is eligible to receive offshore funds.

No. currently we do not support Paypal.

Your past donation history and receipts will be available in your Account History while logged in to your SociallyGood.com account.

No. SociallyGood.com is completely free for volunteers.

I have registered for a campaign/activity but I have not received any confirmation. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. It might be because the particular campaign has already received the required number of registrations. Please sign up for similar campaigns.

I have already volunteered for a cause but it is not reflecting on my Karma profile. The non-profit might not have updated the corresponding details yet. Please check back after a while. Else, kindly contact the concerned non-profit for more information.

Will I be receiving a certificate of appreciation for my volunteering efforts? Please contact the non-profit whose campaign you volunteered in, for information regarding your certificate of appreciation.

Karma profile gives you the track record of all your volunteer activities along with donations made.

It is useful for a student who can use it to showcase or enlist in his academic requirements to meet certain social work hours or mention it in his SOP.

From an employee perspective it becomes easy for the HR/CSR manager to verify the number of hours logged in by an employee for a particular cause.

Please contact the concerned non-profit in this matter. As a practice, this is best discussed and decided prior to spending.

Sure. Please contact us and we will help you take this forward.

You will have to register individually for the campaign of your interest.

Yes, you can delete/deactivate your account, but we will store your data as agreed by you in the Terms and conditions for future use if you decide to reactivate your account.

If you are an organization engaged in social service, we are here for you! We welcome non-profits across geographies, causes and scale of operations.

SociallyGood aims to serve non-profits irrespective of the registration status.

However, we do have a due diligence process for approval, which may vary according to the documents available.

Good news there! You can avail a free trial period of 1 month and utilize our platform free of charge. If you are satisfied and want to continue, please choose a suitable plan from our flexible subscription options.

We currently support FeePlaza as the payment gateway, with charges of 2% per transaction. SociallyGood does not take ANY portion of the donation amount as processing fee.

SociallyGood.com is a digital space that helps corporates take an informed decision when it comes to their CSR strategy. It allows companies to filter and choose an NGO based on location, cause, and scale of impact. Besides, it also employs artificial intelligence(AI) algorithms to recommend social causes.

With SociallyGood, you can discover the nonprofits working in your geographical area in the causes you want to support. Employees participating in the nonprofits activities will be allocated to areas of their interest and you will be able to see their works. Beneficiaries directly share their feedback about a campaign thus helping you to assess the impact of your CSR program.

All features available in the Basic Subscription Plan will be available during the free trial period. You can upgrade to a LIVE account when you are comfortable with how SociallyGood works.

You will automatically have opted into our Basic Subscription Plan.

Yes of course. We are here to help you do more good with SociallyGood. Do contact us, and we can discuss your requirements and deliver customized solutions (Cost???).

We currently support FeePlaza as the payment gateway, with charges of 2% per transaction. SociallyGood does not take ANY portion of the donation amount as processing fee.

The organization administrator can upgrade, downgrade or cancel the subscription anytime. You can review your existing plan, choose a different one, or cancel your subscription.

The custom solution won't be available in case of a downgrade to Basic Plan.

We prefer the customer to make an online transaction either through Netbanking, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, NEFT, but on a need basis, we do support offline payment through cheque.

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